Platform: PC/Xbox
Type of Internet Connection: Cable
Internet Connection Speed: 20d/2u
Date & Time: as of curent
Frequency: all the time
Character Name: Craptaculous
Race: Hume
World: Phoenix
Main Job: Puppetmaster
Support Job: any
Area and Coordinates: Areas w/ Aura inflicting Monsters
Party or Solo: both
NPC Name: -N/A-
Monster Name: Any Aura Inflicing Mob
1) this is same issue as prior issue, it is not resolved.
2) Activate Automaton with Soulsoother head and stormwaker frame.
3) Deploy Automaton on a monster with an deblitating Aura (such as the atack down aura on Tojil or Shimmering Tarichuk's Poison Aura).
4) Engage Monster
5) Monster puts up Status debilitating aura.
6) Automaton repeatedly casts erase to remove said status ailment.
7) status ailment is reapplied because of aura.
8) go to step #6.