• Fishing has undergone the following adjustments.
    • Background and Reasoning
      These adjustments were implemented to reduce the performance gap between the various platforms and to streamline the process of obtaining certain materials by making them easier to obtain than before for those of the appropriate skill level.

      Myriad aspects of fishing have changed greatly, and while it may take time to adjust to these changes, we sincerely hope you find that they offer a vastly improved experience.
      • Time Between Casting and Hooking Prey
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        • Pre-adjustment
          Reduced depending upon the angler's fishing skill, type of rod, equipment attributes, key items in possession, etc.
      • Post-adjustment
        • Shorter maximum waiting period
        • Reduced depending upon equipment attributes, phase of the moon, time of day, key items in possession, etc.
          * One's fishing skill and rod type no longer reduce the waiting period.
    • Prey Stamina Loss and Recovery
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      • Pre-adjustment
        Gradually lost or recovered based on rank compared to angler's fishing skill
      • Post-adjustment
        Should there be a difference between the skill of anglers and the rank of their prey, the following will occur depending on the situation:
        • If anglers are more skilled, their prey will continually suffer damage and put up little resistance before being reeled in.
        • If anglers' skills fall short of their prey's rank, it will be granted the effect of Regen and will be more difficult to reel in.
    • Reeling in a Catch
      • Pre-adjustment
        Press and hold the applicable movement key down so that the rod would return to its original position when it is pulled left or right—based on a frontal view of the angler—by prey
      • Post-adjustment
        Press the applicable movement key once in the direction of the arrow icons that display when the rod is pulled left or right by prey, regardless of perspective.
        • Normal Icons
          Silver arrows like those depicted below will display when anglers have hooked prey.
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        • Special Icons
          Gold arrows like those depicted below will occasionally appear while fighting with one's prey.
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          Pressing the appropriate directional key during these special occasions causes one's prey to lose more stamina than normal. Pressing the wrong key, however, allows one's prey to recover less stamina than in the same situation when silver arrows display.

          The likelihood of anglers receiving these golden opportunities depends on factors such as characters' fishing skills, the skill differential between characters and their prey, the phase of the moon, time of day, the affinity of prey for one's rod, moglification, and equipment.
    • Fishing Instinct Messages
      • Pre-adjustment
        Would display what type of prey has been hooked.
      • Post-adjustment
        In addition to the traditional messages that enable anglers to discern what prey they have on the line, golden arrow icons will now be more likely to appear and the amount of stamina recovered by incorrect key presses will be reduced.
        • Note
          The following visual effect will also display when fishing instincts come into play.
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    • Fishing Frame Rates
      • Pre-adjustment
        A constant 15 frames per second
      • Post-adjustment
        No FPS restriction
        * Should this adjustment be found to negatively impact gameplay, there is a possibility that the frame rate restriction will be reinstated.
    • Fish Numbers per Area
      • Pre-adjustment
        The number of fish inhabiting a single area was shared between characters
      • Post-adjustment
        There are no restrictions on the number of fish that can inhabit an area. However, fishing fatigue restrictions remain the same. Once an angler has reeled in a certain amount of fish, he cannot reel in any more for the remainder of the day.
      • Miscellaneous Adjustments
        • The bar displaying prey stamina will now appear closer to the center of the screen.
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        • The strength of certain prey has been adjusted.
        • The effects of certain fishing-related items have been adjusted.