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    Quote Originally Posted by Selindrile View Post
    Of course you would, Rdm's primary subjob would still be Blm for Stun and sleepga (I know it's manifestation-able, but not at Sleepga's timer). And you'd still sub Whm when you need stona (the only reason you ever /whm now). But it would be a very nice boost when you were already actually subbing Sch anyway, which is whenever you don't need Stun or Stona, but stun is (mostly) the only time you bring a Rdm, though, DMII does come to mind as an exception and it would be a huge boon being able to accession Flurry II in there.

    (Also note my comment Dale as it pertains to our other discussion, during the time when this was originally posted, Rdm was pretty much unused as a job in endgame. Though that's obviously changed now.)
    OK thanks for the context.

    I could see /Whm still being used if petrify was an issue and there was no one else there to use stona I suppose. Same with stun. So your point is taken. But those are very situational and scholar is already a very powerful sub for Red Mage. So while I may have over-stated it a bit, I do think such a change would make this sub over-powered and become what all Red mages would use 99% of the time as a result.

    So I think SE made the right decision in this case. Don't get me wrong: I would love to be able to accession haste II, Refresh II and temper. But I also recognize why they chose not to let us and think it was probably for the best.
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    Accession allows spells which Scholar learns naturally from main or sub to be AOE with a few exceptions(haste/reraise). While it wouldn't make too much sense to allow spells which Scholar can never use naturally to work under Accession, the same logic could be applied to Divine Seal/Elemental Seal(where spells BLM and WHM cannot use will receive a bonus still).

    Still though, I think the following spells should work with Accession:
    En-spell II

    Haste is a bit too much to ask for since RDM's angle is "single target but long duration". Being able to put a 7min haste II on 12 people in 10 seconds is pretty strong and should be something only SMN can do. Gain/enspells/temper are a different story though, especially Gain-stat spells. Why would a RDM ever need to use Gain-AGI on themselves? At least make it single target instead of self target. Most Gain-Stat spells are worthless for RDM because we cannot apply it to other party members and RDM 100% of the time never needs + CHR/VIT/AGI from gain spells.

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