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    Since Brd got left out of 119 and you're adding a new +1 song instrument

    Editing this with some new info from the dev tracker:
    We are planning on adding a "Songs +1" instrument in the April update. This stat is very powerful so I wouldn't expect to get it without a fight, but we do hope players can consider it as an option over taking the Daurdabla quest.
    I don't think is a big a deal as many are making it out to be, but it'd still be nice if Daur gets a small buff after all the hard work we put into them.

    It'd be really cool if that, like trading an emp weapon to unlock the weapon skill, you could trade the daurdabla and unlock an extra permanent 1~2 songs without having to have the daurdabla equipped.

    Most good brds will try to overwrite their daurdabla songs with Gjallarhorn songs anyways, so I don't think this is gonna break much. It'll just let us not have to micro-manage quite as much.

    I know it's pretty outrageous and will probably get shot straight down, but can't hurt to try.

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