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    Dark Knight Weapon Skills!!!

    I'd like to start off with Scythe is our main bread winner or should be. Great sword is awesome and thank you SE for making it our secondary weapon, but that just said it all "our secondary weapon". All though i don't have a prob with Resolution cause it brings great balance to DRK compared to other dd's. "Please don't change Resolution gdi" All I'm saying is something needs to be done about our Scythe weapon skills. I'm sure it's been brought up. First of all most people should know that Weapon Skills are just as dependent on the situation as the weapon and it's stats but two scythe weapon skills beg the question of WTF mate. 1st off Quietus hands down, one of the most beautiful sexy WS's on the game for, hands down the best looking Scythe on the game the Redemption. This weapon skill is hot and the modifier isn't the problem we dealt with Guillotine's STR-MND mod for years and made dew and for the time it was the shiz. But it was a multi hitting weapon skill where your hits could take advantage of Double and Triple attack depending on gear or sub job. Quietus is a 1 hit Triple Damage which ignores targets defence : ignore's defence depends on TP, which sounds amazing but it's not. This weapon skill for drk makes no since at all. WHY CAUSE IT DOESN"T WORK WORTH A DAMN. "SO DESU NE" no it doesn't. 2nd we come to Entropy, while I can't complain much about this one cause it's the MP version of Catastrophe. Was this suppose to be the equivalent of Resolution for the Scythe or just another situational WS? I'm fine with this one not ever changing for it has a purpose. QUIETUS, this is where we as players and SE as our saviors can come to gather and make the Scythe our main weapon again. As I would rather you choose for us cause most players rather brake the game then fix it. I have some idea's on this, first off no body will miss this weapon skill the way it is cause now body uses it. The animation is the best, the scythe it came on is the best looking , lets make it the best for DRK DPS DMG. A none situational kick arse WS like Resolution. Because players either with RME Scythes or their counter parts would like to have a good Heavy DD WS for scythe their main weapon. We should at least get two options, for GA war and GK sam and even DRG with Drakes Bane and Star Diver, have two really good ones there mythic, emp and merited ws's. Shouldn't the scythe have at least one good DD DPS WS? QUIETUS it is. Please respond when you can and consider this as an option to help bring DRK's Scythe back to the game as it's main weapon of choice. Domo arigato gozaimasu.
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