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    Any chance to see equipment to replace Ostreger Mitts/Wyvern Mail?

    Since the level cap was increased several years ago, Dragoon was able to upgrade their breath potency gear from level <75 gear. There are two pieces that have yet to be replaced so far and I wondering if there will be equipment released in the future that boast higher Wyvern HP+ bonuses than these? I was hopeful that Reforged Artifact/Reforged Relic Armor would have given +Wyvern HP in the body or hand slot but I was disappointed.

    At any rate, Dragoons are still using these two pieces:

    ...which when compared to recently introduced pieces such as these, is really sad

    Maybe reforged Empyrean armor could give +HP in body/slot, or new delve/fracture drops or plasm equipment for the new delve next patch could see this realized? I just want to toss gear from <75 already.
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