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    Looking for the linkshell!

    Hi Everyone!
    As the title says I'm looking for the linkshell :-)
    What exactly I'm looking for:
    English speaking team (native - it's desirable).
    People who like and ready teach new players.
    Team who I can rely on.
    Additionally (not necessarily):
    Linkshell which have a group of low lvl players (15-30)

    In terms of my character:
    Black Mage, 18lvl, good spell collection (Aspir is ready to be learnt at 25! Already have it in the bag!)
    A little about me:
    I'm 26 Russian guy, I can speak English fluently, so it's not a problem) Moreover I love this language. I have a lot of interests, but my passion is drawing!
    I have been playing FFXI for 2 weeks, so, I have a great deal of questions about FFXI World!! So, feel free to contact me during the game - Knockknock character - and when I'm out via Skype vladimir.art18, even if you don't have a linkshell and just want to talk to :-)

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    lol that seems to very popular name in Russia haha I know 3 people with that name that's from there ^^: