• Battlefield Name and Leaders
    • Return to Delkfutt’s Tower
      Clash with the vengeful Kam’lanaut!
      MissionReturn to Delkfutt’s Tower
      LocationStellar Fulcrum
      Stellar FulcrumAll Levels
      Thirty Minutes
      Six-Person Party
    • The Celestial Nexus
      Square off against the grudge-bearing Eald’narche!
      MissionThe Celestial Nexus
      LocationThe Celestial Nexus
      Entry RestrictionsAll Levels
      Thirty Minutes
      Six-Person Party
  • Rewards
    Players are able to reap two types of spoils in these trials—spoils from besting their foe, and spoils from surviving the battlefield. Below are examples of the former.
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    A predetermined amount of special rewards will be given to all those who participate in a successful incursion, including materials for reforging artifact armor to item level 119 and for enhancing relic, mythic, and empyrean weapons.
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