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    Under Oath Quest

    Under Oath quest somehow got restarted, causing me to NOT be able to get Trion's Alter Ego. I spoke with a GM earlier, I showed him, i had the gallant surcoat, so there was no reason to have the quest active... he suggested dropping it and starting quest over. I tried, all NPC's said the same as they did BEFORE i dropped the surcoat.... He also suggested going back to Vingijard to restart the AF quest... Problem is... you have to have all 6 pieces of the AF to have him erase it and start over.... so now i am screwed.... PLEASE, someone help me ; ; ; ;

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    While we do appreciate that you have brought our attention to the trouble you experienced, the amount of information provided is insufficient for us to conduct an investigation into the cause of the trouble and how we can resolve it. To help provide some insight into the information we find valuable for looking into and resolving these errors, you can go to the Welcome to the "In-Game Bugs" Forum! to find out what information we do need and why that information is important. There is also a template that we provide for reporting Bug Report Template. We are certainly not going to require strict adherence to the templates, but they do help show the information we find important for those reports in an easy to fill out format. As long as the information is provided, however, feel free to use the format that feels most comfortable and informative to you.

    We are looking forward to getting more information from you so we can look into this error and try to resolve it. Thank you for taking the time to provide more information about this error, and for continuing to support FINAL FANTASY XI.