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    Unable to participate in "Vana'diel Experience Campaign."

    Yesterday, my character got deactivated due to lack of sufficient Crysta. (Thankfully these forums are slow on the uptake . . .) Of course, this shouldn't be an issue until December 23rd as part of the Welcome Back Campaign, right? They even emphasize multiple times that there should be nothing the end user has to do--the inactive accounts will simply be active again for the duration of the campaign!

    So may I know why, when I hit "Play" on the POL launch screen, do I instead get an error regarding a lack of active Content IDs? When I check on the SEAMS, it tells me nothing more than my character is Cancelled. How can I go about remedying this so I can resume playing for at least the duration of the Campaign?
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    The Technical Support forum does not deal with payment issues at all. At least not usually.

    There have been quite a few posts about issues pertaining to this campaign around here, and many are indeed waiting for answers. I myself had my account deactivated as well, and had to pay for it to be able to play again.

    Here's the reply I got via the eMail support:

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    I was asking the support via eMail if it's working as is supposed to, and as I explained how my character was kicked out during the campaign, and had to pay for the next 30 days, re-activating them manually, they mentioned that:

    The Final Fantasy XI subscription used to work backward and be paid at the end of the month. In order to re-activation your POL ID, you were asked to clear the old unpaid fees. The "Vana'diel Experience Campaign" is free and won't have to pay anything else until further notice.

    It seems as if they were thinking it is an older account, but as I explained (again) that it was still active until then, and that I had to pay for it again, they took that as a 'issue was solved' somehow...

    I should like to see some elaboration from the Community Representatives over here as well, as I do have other matters to attend to. In particular, are accounts/Content IDs that get cancelled during (not before) the event eligible or not?
    I'm still pretty sure that's not how the billing works...
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