Hello Everyone!
I've noticed that FFXIV is doing something that other MMOs have done and I think would work very well for FFXI; a Veteran Award System.

What is a Veteran Award System?
Simply put it is a award system that rewards people for continuous subscription to play, I know we currently have the Repeat Login Campaigns right now, but I wont like I'm not a huge fan of them, as I can't always participate, where as if SE were to implement a subscription based award system which gave vanity items and some useful items (much like they do in FFXIV) I think it would be well received (at least better then these silly RLCs)

How it works:
Veteran Award systems very from game to game, in FFXIV you are awarded for every moth of paid subscription, in Star Trek Online (the first game I played with a VRS) it based on time/days played. For FFXI I think a clone of the FFXIV system would be best as SE already has it in place in one of their other games, however, being someone who has over 724 days of logged play time (what? it isn't that much it is 2.01 hours a day for 11 years :x) maybe a system based on days would behoove though who have been around sense the games release (like myself)

We can already check out played time via in-game menu, so there is a tracking program already in FFXI it should be an easy thing to do.

What kind of awards would be offered:
This where things could get uh messy. . . because I'm sure there would be a lot of debate about things. The EASY solution would be Moogle Kupons for items. Start with Statues, and other vanity items, an maybe some of the newer things like the tomes that give you skill ups etc. . . but increase the awards based on time subscripted or played w/e to RME upgrade items Merrow, and the new Items, Alexandrite, etc.

Now I know people will look at this as more something for nothing, but I ask the players that have been around as long as me (NA Launch) isn't there something you want that you have yet to have that no matter how long you have been working on it you can't seem to get your hands on it? This would be a great way to give some of us who have been dedicated to the game a big THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!

What does everyone think?