I have noticed a problem with Ulmia and Joachim keeping their songs up while killing mobs for for capacity points or other content. Here are the two problems:

Il (Problem) Often the bards are in the middle of singing a song when i kill the mob and move onto the next one, therefore the song does not get put up.
I. (Fix) Give them increased fast cast/song spellcasting time
I. (Reasoning) We did a quest to upgrade them, they are i119 Su3/Su5 tier Trusts and if they level up with our gear and we carry top tier gear Trust should be equivalent to the progress we have made within the game.

II. (Problem/Fix) Utilizing the <I. (Reasoning)> Justification, the Bards songs should last upwards of 4+Minutes. An Adventurer bard with decent gear has songs last a minimum of 4 minutes, and my current Mythic Bard puts up 12 min songs. 2 Minutes is ridiculous and seems to be a time relevant to the 75 era and we are in the i119 Su5 era.

Please take these justifications into consideration and make adjustments to make these Trusts more reliable fulfilling their roles as bard.

Thank you for you time, Phioness of Shiva (Relic/Empyrean/Mythic and hopefully Aeonic sometime soon Bard)