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    The Twin Ravens, for new and old players


    I am a recently returned player to ffxi (Bahamut server) and its been tough trying to figure out all this new content on my own so I have set up a brand new ls for new, old or returning players to get content done. I know quite a bit of new and old content isn't completed anymore but we would like to get a group together who want to progress through not only SoA but also other content like salvage, dyna, story missions, limbus...all the stuff that made ffxi grand! So if you are new, old, casual, semi-casual, hardcore or just want to be social hit me up in game or send me a msg here for a pearl.

    Char: Lynsara
    LS: Twin Ravens

    We also exist on the Sargatanas server in ffxiv if you would like to join us there too just let me know!
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