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    Not really sure I get your reasoning. I'm going to start with the idea that this is a competent smn that starts bp in capped -bp timer and ends in whatever is best for that bp. I mean you are doing it with the staff for magical bps at the very least anyways. Your argument is inventory slots... which isn't the best of arguments but is not completely without merit so let's explore that. It takes 3 slots to cap -bp without staff and 2 with. So for bping it saves you 1 peice of gear. Then lets look at perp cost. Takes 3 slots to cap that without trial staff and with trial staff the same. Both can do it in 2 for carbuncle and and this is while maintaining max refresh gear. So having a trial staff will save us 1 other peices of gear in other slots which sounds great except each staff only works on 1 element so unless you plan on using less than 2 avatars you aren't saving anything. And if you use more you are actually using more inventory slots.

    All you've really accomplished is slightly less gear swapping during the bp at what is most likely at the cost of invent space and alot of time spent making them if you haven't already. Of course it increase the amount of swaps you might do when you are smning more than one element in any given event. Which happens for buffs. I guess if you don't like doing big gear swaps I guess it's for you but not sure I'd declare them best when you can get the same functionality other ways. The whm cure arugment is different because other stats found in every slot that are very important at the same time that cure pot is important. Also Chat/light staff will beat it when you can get day and/or weather. While bp timer is only thing important while it is important and it wont effect your perp cost gearing
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    It's about saving space. You cap perp and BP timer in one slot, you save inventory, you don't need to cheat with windower.
    The magian staves are still the best for smn next to Nirvana because they do more than just ONE thing for you.

    You need to cap 3 things as smn:
    1) perp cost
    2) BP timer
    3) 500 skill

    The magian staves are better than the uffrats because they cap 2/3 of the things you need.
    (and now that there's a "free" Balsam, there is absolutely 0 reason to ever use Uffrats or Yaksomos anymore. ESPECIALLY not if the rumor is true about the latent being triggered by TP<100%... cause that's kinda the TP a smn has when they swap weapons.)

    This is also why the Caller's Doublet +2 is better than a -perp aug Hagondes.
    You cap perp AND 500 skill in one piece.
    Again, Convoker's Horn/+1 is the best head piece for smn, because it caps 2/3 things in one piece.

    BPtimer now caps at 40s thanks to the new sachets... The magian staves still out perform Uffrat because you're just swapping in Balsam/spark-117 for every magic BP.

    It's all about the cycles smn gear goes through, with the magian staves, those are the idling staves, and without the need to swap any -BPtimer gear in, one saves precious macro space.
    Unless they are cheating with third party software.
    Cause that's technically cheating.

    And while capping BPtimer IS easier today... That doesn't make the magian staves not worthwhile... because unless you have the ability to poop out a 119 Nirvana, the magian staves will be the best things for you.
    SMN is an awkward class to gear for because it's not the simple intuitive gearing that all the other jobs are.
    SMN should gear for the avatar and not themselves: BPtimer increases damage, skill increases wards and damage, and -perp increases longevity.
    SMNs always want to use the fancy new gear that all the other jobs get... but we always relent after the sparkle wears off because the best gear we get is usually the gear we already had.
    This is just a thing with the job that unless it's your main, you won't really experience it.
    I mean... most ppl just use 1 avatar... and usually just Garuda at that.
    So any point about Uffrats saving you space is lost.... because ppl just use Garuda.
    And now that ppl have decided: "hey, lets mess up the pld and run's hate by dropping -jas and -ga3s on the naakuals"...
    I never see SMNs in WKRs anymore... everyone's now BLM or SCH...
    And I have to wonder about them....
    Does messing up the hate and dying 500000000x give you good bayld/evaluations?

    When a SMN dies in a WKR, there's no need to /heal.
    A good SMN can continue to drop 5-8k BPs on the Naakuals even when weakened.... cause weakness only gimps a SMN's MP.

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    Your arguments boil down to magians are better if you are a gimp smn that uses only 1 avatar ever and is too lazy to use multiple maccros for 1 more peice of gear but not lazy enough to maccro all the other peices. For that very small subset of smns sure I will admit that magians are better in the same way using haste gear that happens to have ws stats on it are better for melees that only want to maccro 5 peices of gear for there ws instead of 6. For people who actually care about maximizing the job they are a waste of inventory space as well as time and effort to obtain them

    As far as smn vs nuking jobs on wkr depends on what your goal is. smn might do more dps because of the hate thing but they wont hit as many types of action categories. And the last word I heard from the devs were that certain items are tied to certain types of actions and if you don't hit them you wont have any chance for that item at all and the more you do the better the chance. So taking dmg self healing along with the dmg is probably better for the individual. Also going out and nuking a bunch till you die then raising up and doing it again then resting for 5 minutes for double weakness requires less effort than riding BP timers the whole fight.
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