Matsui here.
I’d like to inform you all about the content for the December version update.

The concept of this version update is to make it easier to play even if when you're playing solo or only have a short amount of time to play (as mentioned previously here). Based on this, we will be introducing two new content systems known as "Records of Eminence" and "Trust."
  • Records of Eminence
    Records of Eminence is content where you accomplish small-scale to mid-scale tasks.
    We've made some tasks that are a bit different than before, so it won’t just be battling monsters like you are all used to. We recommend doing this content by undertaking the tasks on the way to doing the content you plan to do for the day. With version updates later down the line we will be adding even more types of tasks to undertake.

  • Trust
    The Trust system is content where you will be able to adventurer with the famous NPCs you know and love. There are particular characteristics for each NPC when it comes to jobs and action patterns, so please enjoy adventuring with the NPC that fits you best. On the other hand, you might just change yourself a bit to fit better with the NPC you really like. For this content as well, we will continue to implement NPCs that you can adventure together with.

  • Content for the hardcore
    Mission battlefields will be making a comeback with new found power. Naturally, the rewards will be stronger as well. For this update, we've prepared the Ark Angel battles and Divine Might. You’ll be able to set the difficulty for these battles as well, so you can get a feel for the strategy by setting it easier or just jump straight into the high difficulty. We’re looking forward to having you challenge them!

In addition to this, we will be increasing the base value of movement speed, making it so you can warp between home points, and other adjustments to make it so getting to content is easier than ever.

The version updated is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, December 11th.

Of the items listed here, there are some elements that are currently undergoing testing. In the event there are bugs or balance issues that take time to fix, we will be removing them from the implementation list for the moment, and we appreciate your understanding.

One more thing to note is that we will be holding the "Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign" to coincide with the version update. If you've been taking a break, please look into this opportunity to come back and try out all the new content.

Missions and Quests
Implementation Schedule Update Task and Overview In-development Task Notes
December Addition of Seekers of Adoulin quests Addition of quests to learn more about Adoulin lore -
December Creation of cutscenes for Trust Create intro cutscenes (San d’Oria, Bastok, Windurst)
Create cutscenes for each of the NPCs
December Dragon Quest X collaboration event Create cutscene
Set rewards
December FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn collaboration event Create cutscene
Set rewards
December Addition of seasonal events - -
December New Year campaign - -
December Repeat Login Campaign - -
December Mog Bonanza - -

Areas and Monsters
Implementation Schedule Update Task and Overview In-development Task Notes
December Addition of new bird monsters
to Monstrosity
Create monster family data
Create monster skills
Create instincts
December Adjust monster data
for Monstrosity
Adjust monster abilities
Adjust instincts
December Monstrosity
PvP system adjustments
Add system for exchanging merit points for prestige
Adjust the amount of infamy lost upon defeat

Content and Systems
Implementation Schedule Update Task and Overview In-development Task Notes
December Trust Create system for Trust
Add pet slot for Trust
Adjust NPC stats
Create and adjust the NPC AI
Adjustment NPC parties
Add related items
Add related quests
Adjust UI
Trust is new content where you can form a party with an NPC and play. We plan on adding more NPCs as we move forward. Additionally we will continue to add and adjustment NPC AI.
December Records of Eminence Create objective setting system
Add quests to unlock Records of Eminence
Set battle related objectives
Set area related objectives
Set gathering related objectives
Set tutorial related objectives
Set content related objectives
Set time based objectives
Add rewards
Create specialized UI
December High-tier versions of mission battlefields Add battles with difficulties for level 99
Add rewards
December Adjustments to entry restrictions for existing content Adjustments to the number of players required to enter Salvage including the high-tier version
Adjustments to the number of players required to enter Meeble Burrows
Adjustments to the number of players required to enter Assault
Moving forward, we will be making adjustments to the number of players required to enter other content.
December Movement between home points Add system that allows you to move between home points
Add home points
December Increase movement speed Increase player movement speed
Increase monster and pet movement speed
December Add NPC for moving to Mog Gardens - We will be making it possible to go to your Mog Gardens from San d’Oria, Bastok, Windurst, Jeuno, and Al Zahbi.
December Change Mog Gardens usage requirements - We will be making it so adventurers above mission rank 3 can use Mog Gardens.
December Addition of an NPC that will let you check Adoulin fame Add a system to check coalition ranks -
December Change the requirements for using Wide Scan Make changes so that all jobs can use Wide Scan
so that NPCs can be located more easily
Rangers and beastmaster’s Wide Scan area will grow larger at a quicker pace than other jobs as they are leveled.
December Voidwatch adjustments Elimination of Void Cluster purchase restrictions
Lower the cost
Cost will be reduced from 100,000 gil to 20,000 gil

Implementation Schedule Update Task and Overview In-development Task Notes
December Further revamps for artifact armor Add stats
Add methods for reforging
Enable trading of other seals for Sacred Kindred’s crests
With these adjustments, the item level of artifact equipment will increase to 119.
December Add synthesis recipes - -
December Add quivers and pouches - The NPC “Nokkhi Jinjahl” does not say anything for the items recently added.
December Add items for special campaigns - -
December Add items that can be stored with the Porter Moogle Support the additional seasonal events -

Battle System
Implementation Schedule Update Task and Overview In-development Task Notes
December Beastmaster adjustments Add new pets
Adjustments so that “Charm” relies on the item level of your main weapon

User Interface
Implementation Schedule Update Task and Overview In-development Task Notes
December List display for the various points of each content - We will be making it so you can easily check the various points you have for all of the different content at one time.