Due to the griping about giving BLM Auto Refresh, I gave this some thought:

Job Trait: Occult Magica (BLM level 95/99, or unlocked via the new Merit system they will introduce)

Description: Converts a percentage of damage dealt on a direct-damage Elemental Magic or Dark Magic spell to MP.

Given the fact that Occult Acumen is an utter waste of a job trait, this one will fully benefit BLM. If it was a straight trait without the need to merit it, a straight 5% MP restore would be nice, if it was one of the new merits, start it off at a 1% MP restore with a max boost of 5%.

Example: X spell lands unresisted for 2258 points of damage, 5% restored is 113mp (112 since SE likes to round down)

This alone would help manage our mp to an extend without completely breaking the game, especially outside of Abyssea.

Thoughts? (straight thoughts please and inb4 encouraging overnuking)

P.S.: Enmity Douse should not be a 10 minute cool-down....