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    Why do you let BST suck so much all the time?

    BST is my favourite job, but it costs a lot to play and it is way weaker than pretty much every job in the game.

    Can you please fix this imbalance?


    The only pets that are reasonable for current, seekers content either cost plasm (which no BST is going to be able to get in any sensible fashion, since we don't get invited to parties which farm plasm) or they cost exorbitant amounts of gil.

    See Scissorlegs

    He costs 30K for one jug or 250K for a stack. That's UNREASONABLE, especially when the developers admitted that he is the ONLY offensive pet that is useful for current content.

    And on top of that, he is extremely weak. Both summoner and puppetmaster's pets are way more flexible, useful to a group and FREE.

    I don't understand why the devs can't see that BST is extremely underpowered and needs some love. For a start can give our pets an inherent haste, more abilities on quicker timers (remember the BST job roadmap, how BST was going to help buff allies? What happened to that?)

    And offer some pets that can be bought cheaply from vendors. They don't have to be the absolute best but they should be uncapped and competitive.

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    I don't understand the 2000 plasm jug pet. I mean, OK, basket-crab was the focal point of the original design of bst, it's been 11 years, etc. That's fine, cool. But, 2000 plasm? For a singular crab?

    So it's that (And good luck getting into Delve on BST), or pay large sums of gil on Scissorlegs or Dortwin. Dortwin is *okay*, but isn't winning any medals, I'll tell you that. The materials just aren't in good enough supply to make these guys reasonable.

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    It's really not reasonable how expensive they are for their power level. They need to uncap all post-75 jug pets at the very least (though I'd argue that they should uncap all +1 one pets entirely so people have incentive to make them and they are there for leveling BSTs to use) and they should add a pet that is available from a vendor for 20K a stack or less so that there is ALWAYS a pet a BST can use even if every crafter on the server gets bored of making them or quits or whatever. Holding us hostage to crafters is really unfair.

    I mean I look at gorefang hobs, the mats cost less than 10K... And the jugs cost 80K a stack? Give me a break.

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