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    Special FINAL FANTASY XI Eleventh Anniversary Campaign

    As part of the new campaign, you are supposed to receive a lunar abyssite, with the condition that if you already possess three lunar abyssites you will receive, instead, 100,000 cruor. I only have two and I received the cruor. However, I did receive the other atmas.

    I went to have my third abyssite filled and VOILA! I was kicked out of the atma infusion screen. I thought it was a glitch so I then checked my key items and I still only have two, which is when I checked my log and it indicated that I was awarded cruor instead of another lunar abyssite.

    While I am happy that I now have some shiny new atmas to play with, I still don't have access to a third abyssite by which to equip these shiny new atmas. Ugh... I would prefer to give the cruor back (heck, take the 200,000 you just gave me) and receive the third lunar abyssite.

    Here's the technical stuff:

    Platform: PC (Windows 8)
    Date & Time: November 13, 2013 23:00 PDT
    Character Name: Dominis
    Race: Hume M
    World: Cerberus
    Main Job: Dragoon
    Support Job: Samurai
    Area and Coordinates: Port Jueno (Blue Chest by Horst)
    Party or Solo: Solo
    NPC Name: Blue Chest by Horst
    Issue: Issued incorrect reward - cruor instead of third lunar abyssite

    Update: I spoke with GM Bublex on the Cerberus server and, after elevating this to an accepted bug, even though he or she wouldn't call it a bug, I was informed that this was nothing the in-game GMs could resolve. My cruor balance could not be modified (minus 100,000), nor could I be awarded the third lunar abyssite, which is the correct reward.

    Edit (2/18/2014): I am reviving this post in response to guidance given by SE email support. Ref: [t3511234:441a] Bugs - support na ol

    Edit (2/24/2013): Player name is now "Kellax" on the "Asura" server. The problem is still ongoing.
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