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    Monstrosity Gnole Buff 'Cacophony|Focus'

    Platform: PC/PS2 tested
    Type of Internet Connection: Cable
    Internet Connection Speed: 3 meg+
    Date & Time: 25 October 2013 - 28 October 2013
    Frequency: Always
    Character Name:
    World: Shiva
    Main Job: Gnole (mon)(MNK)
    Support Job: Gnole (mon)(MNK)
    Area and Coordinates: Any
    Party or Solo: Solo
    NPC Name: None
    Monster Name: Any/None

    Gnole (mon) is MNK/MNK so one of it's /jobabilities is Focus which "Enhances accuracy". Gnole (mon) also has a /monsterskill ability Cacophony that "grants the effect of 'Haste' and increases the likelihood of countering(Counterstance)". There is a hang up between these two abilities. If the 'Counterstance' portion of Cacophony is active when Focus is used, the chat log says "Gnole uses Focus, Gnole's accuracy is enhanced", but the Focus icon does not display and "Gnole's Focus effect wears off" is never seen in the chat log.

    1. Acquire a Gnole(mon) high enough to have /ja Focus, and /ms Cacophony.

    2. Make your way to an area that will allow the use of /jobabilities and /monsterskill abilities.

    3. Acquire 150%|180% tp(tactical points) so that you are able to use Cacophony.
    NOTE: Cacophony can only be used when Gnole (mon) is on it's hind legs, so you will likely need an additional 30 tp to use 'Fighting Stance α(Alpha)' (I won't digress on the 'Greek Alpha' α which is nearly impossible to macro, Suppliment)

    4. Use Cacophony, and while the 'Counterstance' portion of of the Cacophony /ms is active, use Focus.
    ∙The effect from the /ja Counterstance does not change the outcome, even though the /ja Counterstance and the /ms Cacophony both add icons labled "Counterstance" that can exist in the icon list at the same time.
    ∙The icon from the Haste portion of the Cacophony buff does not seem to be effected by, nor seem to affect the Focus icon.
    ∙If Focus is used before Cacophony, the Focus icon will continue to be displayed while the 'Counterstance' portion of of the Cacophony /ms is active.

    5. Notice that the chat log will state the use of the /ja Focus, and will also state that the user has obtained the effects from the buff, but for some reason the icon is not shown, and the chat log never states that the effect has worn off.

    Assumption: The /monsterskill "Cacophony" affects some stat that is too powerful to be overwritten by the /ja "Focus", but either the chat log handler, or the icon handler are being sent improper data as to what is actually taking place.
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    Greetings EekYou,

    We thank you for posting your concerns regarding Monstrosity Gnole Buff 'Cacophony|Focus'. I have made sure to submit all of your information to the development team and they will thoroughly investigate this matter based on your report. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that a direct response will be posted on this thread, but I do recommend checking Here or Here for any details regarding the development team's investigation.

    Thanks for your report!

    - Furlamseere