Tested Alpha Mode on Gnole.

Alpha mode (name will be changed supposedly) is a TP move that costs 30 TP. Using it will switch between four-leg and standing modes. Using it again will go back to the previous mode. Gaining a lvl resets to four-leg mode, unsure if this is a bug intentional.

In standing mode, you gain access to Nox Blast, Asuran Claws and Cacaphony at least at lvl 30. However you lose access to Fevered Pitch, but keep Plenilune embrace.

Nox blast is 150 TP darkness damage, TP reset and knock-back. Damage is pretty awful for a 150 tp move did around 30-60 damage to DC pugils. Didn't test with any MAB instincts. Asuran Claws only did around 200-300 damage to DC-IT mobs. Cacophony is 1 min Haste and counterstance. Haste seems to be over 15% since it overwrites slow from spiders. Not sure on counterstance rate, does not lower def despite the icon saying it does, assuming they just used the player version for the icon.

There's also an attack and acc penalty in 2-leg mode. Are these intentional? It's possible the delay is lower to make up for this but I didn't pay attention to TP.