Enmity! We need to improve out enmity gain! Monks and Ninjas are overtaking our role!

Is being the main shield to a single monster the only role a Paladin can take on?

Since before Abyssea is released, SE has said certain role in event is too limited to certain job, they intend to extend ability of other jobs so they can fill the role as well.

The rise of Monk in abyssea content is one good example.

Is there anything a Paladin can do, other than being shield, without changing their charateristic?

So.. what are the charateristic of a Paladin?
High defence, medicore offence, able to cure, rank A+ in sword and shield, high survival chance....

Aye, how about Crowd Control? Can Paladin take over the role crowd control?

In the past, Crowd control is so limited to certain job with sleep/sleepga. Putting mobs to sleep seem to be the only mean of crowd control. This make Black Mage/ Red Mage/ Bard (Lullaby) the most needed job in events. I remember when dynamis leader said "Event is called off today because no BLM shows up".

Paladin has high defence, and good surviability in hordes of monsters. I think Paladin can become the new crowd control role without sleeping the monsters, with only little twink.

An area effect spell or ability to gain attension of monsters. I know many of you will imagine... Provoke-ga. Wouldn't it be nice for Paladin to aquire such spell or ability? can still "tank" while get hate from the stupid mage behind you who aggro something he/she not meant to aggro.

All direction shield block. It happens in movies, why can't it happen in FFXI? since successful shield block reduce spell interuption rate, this will further enhence Paladin's survival chance under ambush of enemies.

Armor expertise, to block enemy's attack with armor. Paladin, Dark Knight and Warrior are the three jobs that can use plated armor. How come they never know which part of their armor is sturdiest and block enemy's attack with it? Yea, it sound a lot like guard skill of Monk, but... should Armor block prevent more damage than Monk guarding attack with bare hands?

As summary, if other Attacker job can take over the shield role, a Paladin should be able to take over someone else role. If there is Crowd control without puting enemy to sleep, the God forsaken Damage over time spell would be welcome again. Helixes! Rasp! Bio! do whatever you want! Through Paladin can not save you if you cast your ancient magic