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    Discussion: Adoulin mission "Behind the Sluices".

    So who here has done the fight? What were your experiences?

    I did it Sunday evening with 3 buddies and 2 guys we picked up from /yell. Party was PLD, MNK, BST, BLU, WHM, BRD. The PLD and MNK were very well geared. PLD had Aegis and Excalibur and some other fancy armor I don't recall, MNK had some good Adoulin stuff and a souped up Rigor Baghnaks. Can't speak to the gear quality of the others, but it looked probably about average I guess. I'm not particularly literate when it comes to gear.

    The fight was harder than I expected, but not insanely difficult. It had some weird hate rules; enemies would break off from the PLD or the BST's pet to go after particular party members to do weapon skills. The SCH and BLM foes were pretty troublesome with their AoE spells. And I think we were hampered by the fact that the BRD (me) and the WHM made some mistakes. We don't really play those jobs all that often, so we're not as good at it. It was probably good that I did BRD anyway, because the Soul Voice songs probably came in handy.

    I'd probably recommend a full party of 6 for the fight, unless you've got 3 very well geared, very skilled players who work together very well.

    One thing I wasn't clear on was Arciela's role. Is the fight a loss if she dies? I'm wondering because if not, could you zombie the fight? Kill one or 2 baddies, die, reraise, recover, then finish the rest?

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    I did this mission with three other people that replied to my shout for it, when it was still brand new. I was on geo, there was a samurai, a white mage and a monk. We killed all of the lesser mobs, leaving Mistdagger and "The Keeper".

    I used 2hr and Geo Frailty on Mistdagger while Arciela fought her. The monk died while fighting The Keeper, and stayed down because he was in the middle of the battlefield. The Samurai did the zombie fight strategy against the Keeper, while I and the whm kept Arciela healed. I also had indi-refresh on me and the whm. It took quite a while to kill the keeper like this, but afterward the sam was able to rest off weakness and help Arciela finish off Mistdagger.

    We had a short run before that fight, and we lost because arciela died, so yeah her death is your loss.
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