I spent some time playing on the new user interface and I had some good and some bad and it may still need some improvements before releasing it.

Window UI:

I do like that u can move your window boxes around anywhere u want, but there's a problem to that. It felt that it covers most of the screen so it pretty much requires u to move them to the edge of the screen if u open alot of them at once. Maybe if u give ppl a UI option to setup to where they can customize it the way ppl feel comfortable on. Instead of the magic list for example, instead of being on the side It should be on the top as in a concept of a new folder that way it'll save up room in a sense. Since ppl do play certain jobs they should also have the option to where they can customize what magic, ability, WS, etc. they gonna choose in that folder and highlight it but it will have 4-5 folders to choose from. From magic to abilities, not only ppl won't have to worry about opening up many windows, but can actually prevent them from opening up alot, it'll only take at least 1 or 2 windows from their perspective. Never understood the "lock/unlock" idea cause I thought it would stay on screen, but I was wrong. I have no idea what that do. Even if u make it unable to move it'll be fixed from where u moved it from so isn't that kind of pointless to have? I believe that the window UI still needs work, but that's what im thinking of. Don't want it to cover much space on screen, yet give ppl a way to customize it the way they want it to be in their comfort zone.


I felt pretty annoyed when it covers the top of the screen. U can't do anything about it. U can't move it, u can't shrink it(the 1st list). Hoping u can give ppl the freedom to move that. I also noticed u don't let ppl use the gamepad to use the macros anymore other than the KB&M. Idk if u doing that on purpose, but u pretty much downgrade to give ppl the option to choose. What made it great on the old UI is that u can both use the gamepad and the KB&M to either highlight the macro on screen and choose or put a command and select. Not a good idea in changing that especially those who mostly play on gamepad. I know u want ppl to play on KB&M, but that's not how it should go. Another gripe I have is it still stuck on 6 slots when u want to make your macro. I mean if u gonna give ppl a new UI at least u can do is give ppl either 10 or 12 slots instead, but that just me. What I do like is that u give it icons and the option to change the macro pallets plus colors in the background to give it some sort of what this is about.

Last, but not a main issue:

Can u give ppl the option to move the docking system? Makes no sense to put it on the top middle of the screen and be blocked by a macro list....im just saying.

Other than that it's not bad, but it still need work in order for ppl to like it. If u are continuing to make tests of it via updates on the test server that will be great. That way you'll continue to receive feedback and continue making improvements until it's ready to be released rather than releasing it and updating after(it's stupid at that point).