Recently I have really gotten into Pankration. It's very addicting! I have some great ideas for a Pankration revival/update/fixing what's wrong with it now.

1) Add the new monsters from SoA, WoTG, and Abyssea to Pankration.

-Pretty easy to understand why. Pankration is so out of date, even the pets you use are out of date because of all the new content.

2) Make it so the Diablo Cage cannot have draws, a.k.a. there must be a winner.

-So many monsters hold the cage because they simply draw out. It's sad to see. There's two ways to fix this.
a) Whoever has more HP wins. Or.....
b) Continue the fight until one of the monsters die.

3) Add new equipment that enhances how your pet fights/enhances the effects of the Speaking Tube commands.

-Always found it strange that Pankration never had gear that could help your pets fight. I think one should be added.

4) The most important update (and the revival part)......somehow tie Pankration and Monstrosity together.

-One of the ideas I have is make your Pankration monster almost an npc type thing for Monstrosity. For this to happen the level on Pankration would have to increase from 50 > 99, and your pet wouldn't be able to level outside of Pankration. If this can be tied together, I really see Pankration making a comeback.