We had a great time reading each of your hilarious submissions! It was quite difficult to decide on the best catches of the summer but it had to be done. Without further ado, here are your Summertime Comic Creation Winners!

Grand Prize Winners:

Hapa - Taking Crabauble to the Beach

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Ok Crabauble, you win. Let's go to the Beach!

Excuse me sir, you forgot your floaties!

Ok, Have fun Crabauble! Just remember, no friends this time...

Luscia - A Summer Party

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A Summer Party

Luscia: It's been awhile since I have been home, maybe I should throw a party or something...
Moogle: What a lovely idea, Master! You and your friends could get all dressed up in your yukatas and swimsuits to celebrate summer!

Luscia: Hope everyone likes this dish

Luscia: Perfect! Everything is all ready and just in time!

Luscia: More tea Mr. Faffy?
Chilloa - The Paradises Entry!

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Chillo's Beach um... Party

Chillo: Hey Moogle-woogle, where are my swimtrunks at?

Moogle: Swimtrunks? I didn't know you had such an item, kupo! (Oh Altana... I did Vana'diel a favor by burning those last year.)

Moogle: Um... Small master what's in your hands there, kupo?
Chillo: I'm running late to the LS party on Purgonorgo Island! I don't have time for a Chillo fashion montage today! These will have to do!

Chillo: Teh Chillz is heeeeeeeerrrrre!

Chillo: Heeeey! Where are you guys going!? The boat isn't coming back until later tonight!
RyujinSephy - Doctor's Orders

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Doctors Orders

Moogle: Master, Doctor Monberaux has been worried about your stress lately. So I got you this Moogle Magic Hat with a Mood Monitoring Pompom, kupo! *Sephina puts on the hat and the Pompom turns Amber*

Sephina: Where to go to relax?... Hmm, secluded Island Getaway, a Personal Paradise for the overstressed adventurer... That could work!

Sephina: Ah, this is the life~ Beautiful scenery, a nice calming atmosphere, not a care in the world~
*Sephina's Pompom on her hat turns Green* Voice from afar: Hey you, new girl! Get to work!

Sephina: This wasn't in the brochure! *Sephina's Pompom on her hat once again turns Amber*
Renaissance2K - Maybe I should have cast Barfire...

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Sorry, Ren, but my supply of sunscreen is squeezed-out. Perhaps you should postpone your passage to Purgonorgo.

That's okay, Moogle. I'm sure I'll be fine. I can take it!

Hey... What smells like biscuits?
Winners hang tight as we will be coordinating with the Game Master team to deliver your Atomos Statues when you are online and available to receive them. Also, don't forget that all of you who participated will also be receiving a Cracked Nut to fulfill your colibri dreams. Be sure to keep an eye on your Delivery Box for that!

Thank you all again for your amazing entries!