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    Vallation effect too weak

    Type of Internet Connection: Cable
    Internet Connection Speed: 30mbps
    Date & Time: Several times over the last few days
    Frequency: Alot
    Character Name: Dasva
    Race: Taru
    World: Bahamut
    Class/Skill Rank: Run
    Area and Coordinates: Abyssea uleguerand range
    Party or Solo: Both
    NPC Name: None
    Monster Name: Worms
    In-Game Time:unknown
    1. Maintained my int the same as the worm holding same worm
    2. Let it cast spells on me with with varying amounts vallation merits and 3 runes.
                 no wards     ward no merits      2 merits     4 merits
    Stone IV               437             240                    231            222                         
    stonega III            498             273                    263            253
    quake                  662             364                    350            337
    From that you get about 47% to a little over 47% reduction with 2 merits and 3 runes or 49 to a little over 49% with 4 merits. No merits would've been 45%...

    So in conclusion while it says it provides an additional point of dmg reduction per rune harbored it seems more like 1% per merit for 3 runes. Not sure if bug or just bad translation but 5/3% reduction per rune fully merited when no merits is 15% seems a weaker than merits usually are

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    Still broken