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Thread: Corsair needs

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    While we're at it, time to complain about COR weapon access.

    According to spreadsheet, with 6 songs and usual delve boss buffs, and optimal weapon/armor in every slot barring HQ Donderbuss(using NQ):

    COR/DNC has around 600 DPS with 2x R15 30k plasm daggers.

    COR/WAR spamming bullets has less than 250 DPS with a donderbuss. Don't have optimal /ra buff(with Chaos/DA on), but getting optimal /ra buff lowers DPS, more rolls=less dmg.

    MNK/WAR has over 1.1k DPS with Oatixurs.

    Ranged attack sucked, sucked so bad. And COR doesn't have access to delve boss daggers, not even skirmish daggers.

    COR's highest combat skill is dagger, but stuck using 30k plasm daggers, which is worse than delve boss daggers AND skirmish 2 weapons.

    And COR's ranged attack DD ability with an item lv 117 gun cost nearly 20M to make is even worse than using 2x 30k plasm daggers.

    COR should get access to better daggers, and start play as a melee job. Or else it'd ended up doing 25% of dmg MNK can do by spamming bullets even with best gun in this game, which is almost the same as playing naked semi-afking.

    DNC has same dagger skill as COR, they got Izhiikoh+ skirmish2 dagger.

    BRD has LOWER dagger skill than COR, and it's not even made to be a DD/buff hybrid job, they also got Izhiikoh+ Skirmish2dagger.

    Why can't COR get access to better weapons ;x
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