Hey just a heads up again, (through the means of using this dev. Tag system)
The acquisition of monstrosity is very simple and straight forwards, which is great, so it means that many players wanting to get stuck straight in with it, can. Big thumbs up there.

As my hometown is in windurst, i've been accessing the ferory (sorry about the spelling...) from Port Windurst, and the positioning of the NPC is great, quick easy access from spawning point if you take an Out-Post warp, GoV/FoV Book warp back to windurst. Another thumbs up there.

Unfortunately, whilst acquiring the right entrance needs for Monstrosity, I was shocked to find that, inside the Ferory, all 4 of the NPC's talk only in Japanese. This is making it hard to make more informed choices when selecting new elements(attachments), Job Specific traits (i'm guessing its that anyway) and choosing a new monster type.

Another issue when playing is that sometimes my monster visuals dont correspond to what monster im playing with, for example, I had entered the Monster Zone only to find myself looking like a Khimaira instead of a Lizard, when i zoned out to play as the Lizard, I continued to look like a Khimaira, but with all the features of a Lizard. Same thing happens when it decided to work, I zoned into the Ferory as a Lizard, but when I wanted to change to say, a Sheep, it would stay looking like a Lizard.

This, along side the Japanese text talking NPC's is making it quite hard to make sensible choices.

Whilst I am thoroughly enjoying Monstrosity, a quick adjustment to this (as im sure the development team wouldnt have made it solely for Japanese talking people only......) would be great.

Thank you for reading this post.