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    Monstrosity Text in all Japanese

    I had no problem with the first two steps in the quest (Pashhow then trading the item back in Sandy) but once I entered Monstrosity EVERYTHING was in Japanese. I'm sitting at a list of choices during the CS and have no idea what any of them say.

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    Yup, same issue, EU viewer. After finishing quest, I get key item in Japanese, and everything after that is all Japanese. I managed to get trough it by guessing, lol.

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    I couldn't find the npc in windurst walls for monstrosity, any info on where it's located?
    Also I turned my two-leaf mandragora in to the suspicious galka in port bastok, and the text he gave me was in english except for the Key Item was in japanese.

    After that, the CS with Maccus was all in Japanese, and all npcs in the Feretory spoke in Japanese.

    I also noticed in Monster Names, there was the word "Utimate" which I assume is supposed to say "Ultimate" :-)
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