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    FFXI Beginners Guide

    Welcome to FFXI

    For those of you who are absolutely New to FFXI, I have decided to create a basic Beginners Guide for you. Since its been a very long time playing from the beginning, I will be starting a brand New Character so I may refresh my memory and write out this guide as I go so please do forgive me if you do not see much information available at the start, as it will take some time to create this. Please have faith and patience, and I will do my best to add as much information as possible to guide you in the right direction.

    If anyone has any doubts or questions to my experiance, I have been playing FFXI since day 1 USA Release and have another guide currently in the works located in the General Forums titled Revelations Strategy Guide FFXI. Although that guide is a little more advanced, some of the articles do cover basics and can also help those of you who are new players.

    As this post will be an on going work in progress starting from the absolute start, feel free to ask any questions by leaving a reply to this thread. You may also message me in game either Character Ultimas or Hexakai. Thank you.

    Before we create our brand new character, select name and choose our 1st Job, world server. I highly suggest starting the game as Thief. You do not have to play this job as your main however starting with this job will help you earn gil faster. If you already chose another job instead you can switch jobs at any time inside your mog house.

    Disclaimer: Due to constant updates and all other related reasons, all information posted and shared may include some Human Error. Information presented here may subject to change at any given moment. As this guide is a constant work in progress, more pieces will be added. Please understand that all information here is posted based on 100% real in-game experience. Several gear, items, atmas, and various other details included within this guide have been personally tested thoroughly for the sake of providing accurate information. Thank you.

    UPDATE: 2 very good starter items you may want to look into buying from SE's official online store if you didn't already get them. These items also are included with FFXI Seekers of Adoulin Ultimate Pack.

    Destrier Beret

    Chocobo Shirt

    1. Go to and log into your Square Enix account.
    2. Scroll down after log in and on the left side of the page,
    click "Select Service" under "Services and Options"
    3. Select "Final Fantasy XI"
    4. Click on the button "Add service account"
    5. Input your Destrier Beret or Chocobo Shirt code and press next
    6. Select the account and Character
    7. Once this has all been confirmed, log in and go see the Festive Moogle in any of the three major cities (Bastok, Windhurst or San d'Oria to receive your Special Item.)

    Location: Port Bastok (J-13), Port San d'Oria (J-10), Windurst Walls (C-14)
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