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    Ripoff on Coalition Assignment: Support: Marjami Ravine

    I know this is not a bug, but perhaps its something the devs could look into adjusting or improving.

    Support: Foret de Hennetiel nets you 6000 exp and 6000 bayld for a five-ten minute run to the nearest bivouac.

    Support: Marjami Ravine, which requires you to run past the nearest bivouac for "Support: Foret de Hennetiel", only nets you 4800 exp and 4800 bayld for a 15-20 minute run.

    In all honesty, I was expecting at least 150% of the yield of Support: Foret for the amount of effort that put into it. What's the point of spamming the run that takes almost double the time and double the distance traveled if it doesn't offer any incentive other than to build bivouacs in the new areas.

    Granted, colonizing the new areas is great and all, but the colonization rate of Marjami on Odin has been at 100% for the past few days and has no hopes of dwindling any time soon due to cape farming groups.

    Maybe my expectations are high, I don't know, but if there is no reason to increase the value of this assignment, I will just go back to supporting Foret for the simple fact that I get more bayld for Wildskeeper Reives than anything else.

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    I strongly agree with this, I was expecting something along the lines of 9k bayld rather than a disappointing 4.8k.
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