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Thread: Order Up Quest

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    Order Up Quest

    ISP: TW
    Type of Internet Connection: Cable
    Internet Connection Speed: 1m
    Date & Time: 7/16 12pm
    Frequency: 100%
    Character Name: Kenshyn
    Race: Elvaan
    World: shiva
    Class/Skill Rank: Blu
    Area and Coordinates: east adoulin G9
    Party or Solo: Solo
    NPC Name: jozhud
    Monster Name:
    In-Game Time:
    1. start Order up quest
    2. Talk to jozhud
    3. Instead of stating go south to palemo just talks about mawgwet's house and being only apprentice >.>
    <*Add more steps if necessary.>

    I completed the start on 4 other accounts but stuck on kenshyn account for some crazy reason.

    Update I just went and talk to all the npcs and completed the quest a few gave me the library answer and a few gave the standard response. When I finished talking to everyone regardless of the correct response the quest completed. So it's still bugged but worked...
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