Hi Guys,

This is Daemon, I'm on the Phoenix Server. My Character name is Ultimas. For those of you who are returning or new and are lost, I've been dedicating a lot of my Free Time writing out a Guide to help you. I care about everyone on our server, hoping to give everyone the gift of knowledge and power to help you find direction. Here is the link below.


It is a constant work in progress so please forgive me if you do not see what you are looking for however new things will be added when I have extra time. Please leave a comment or hit like so I can see if my guide is helping you. Also feel free to ask any questions or PM me in game.

Thank you and wish everyone the best as Phoenix has been my home since day 1 USA Release. We are a family and my purpose is to bring everyone together to enjoy higher level content together. To help solve some frustrations to those who are having a difficult time. Once again I Thank you and please show some support and love if you do visit my post. Take care and see you in game