I noticed something the other day while I was doing Coalition Assignments, that when I turned in my assignment for reward I would receive the full amount of bayld. I thought I might have just been seeing things and just wrote it off. Today, I was doing a Colonization Reive and noticed that I had about ~69,500 bayld before doing the reive and afterwards I had 70,561. In my chat log I have amounts of bayld of 205, 90, 578, 221, 125, 858, and 700. My bayld totals from the reive don't match my totals on /colmap.

Platform: PC
ISP: Charter
Type of Internet Connection: Broadband
Internet Connection Speed: 30mbps
Date & Time: 7/13/2013
Frequency: 1
Character Name: Tsol
Race: Hume
World: Fenrir
Main Job: Blue Mage
Support Job: Ninja
Area and Coordinates: I-8 Ceizak Battlegrounds
Party or Solo: Solo

I simple engaged the roots for an auto attack and proceeded to cast AoE spells and weapon skills