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    Battlefield Intro Cutscenes not playing

    Platform: Windows 7
    ISP: Shaw
    Type of Internet Connection:Cable
    Internet Connection Speed: Unknown
    Date & Time: July 10, 2013. 11:00 PM, PST
    Frequency: often
    Character Name: Managarm
    Race: Elezen
    World: Asura
    Main Job: 80 SMN
    Support Job: 40 RDM
    Area and Coordinates: Full Moon Fountain
    Party or Solo: Party
    NPC Name: N/A
    Monster Name: Fenrir

    When entering the battlefield as the initiator the event (i.e. Selected begin) the opening CS does not appear. The battlefield or quest in question was 'The Moonlit Path'. Issue only occurred for me, and not the rest of the party.

    Issue also occurred completing the several of the other Prime Avatar quests. Including Trial by Fire and Trial by Water.

    Issue has only began to occur for me this week. Previously all opening cutscenes would display.

    Upon completion of the battlefield event, the closing CS is played.

    After doing a little review on my side, the only intro CS I've seen since the update was trial by Lightning. After which I went and did trial by Fire, which had no CS.

    So, it appears as though post Tuesday patch, after viewing a single CS on entering a battlefield they have ceased to appear.
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