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    A few suggestions (RDM and other jobs)

    I doubt these sort of threads are paid much attention, but I wanted to add a few ideas I had to make a few jobs more relevant which are currently seeing a heavy slump.

    1. Add RDM to more light damage-dealing armor. Since we've hit 99, the gear for a melee RDM has been few and far between. Obviously not every battle calls for a RDM doing damage on the front line, but it'd be nice to at least have the option, seeing as how RDM is supposed to be a jack-of-all-trades.

    2. Make RDM-specific buffs either naturally Area of Effect, or at least usable with Accession from /SCH. I'm thinking specifically of Temper, Phalanx II, En-spell II, and Refresh II. While we're at it, make Haste and Reraise (I, II, and III) usable with Accession. Nowadays a heavy damage-dealer in Twilight armor has better Reraise capabilities than a WHM. The game has come a long way in the last few years, and making a healer's enhancing abilities more efficient in the pace of today's game doesn't seem too game-breaking anymore.

    3. Make Refresh and Refresh II STACK with Sublimation. This also wouldn't be game-breaking in today's game.

    4. Add Barlight and Bardark to both RDM and RUN's repertoire. Make them usable with Accession. OR replace all instances of self-target Bar-spells with Bar-spell-ras.

    5. Add a divine-based Stun derivative usable by RUNs (and possibly other mage jobs), even if it only interrupts spellcasting and/or TP moves and not movement/melee swings. (Counterspell?)

    There are two major problems with RUN and RDM right now: their intended purposes are currently rather ill-defined, and the tools they have available don't even allow them to fill niche roles very well. RDM is supposed to be a master enfeebler and enhancer, but its enfeebles are still resisted far too often, and far too many of their enhancements are self-target. RUN is supposed to be a tank for high-magic situations, but more often than not a Paladin with Aegis and/or a competent team of Stunners can fill that role. Think about this: in most situations where you might want a tank that could absorb magic damage, the damage-dealers fighting alongside said tank also need protection from that magic. The more Area-of-Effect spells and abilities or spell interruptions/deflections you can give to RUN to protect other damage-dealers from harm, the better. In fact, if this was the route you took with RUN (providing it with multiple ways of protecting the party from magic), the more welcome they'd be even in a non-tank role fighting alongside the other damage-dealers.

    I may add more to this later.
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