I was not able to post a reply in the insufficient information thread so reposting.

I acquired the climbing skill and the gloves Key Item from the quest in Marjami Ravine and proceeded to climb down one of the vines. My wyvern did not follow me down and I did not notice this before attacking something and died because of it.

New Information: I went back to the area located at K-8 and climbed down the scalable area. My wyvern did not follow me around and took 2 minutes to run all the way around until it met up with me at the bottom. I then went up the scalable area and it once again did not follow me up the scalable area and once again ran around the long way.

A friend that was a pup said his automaton reacted the same way when going up and down the vines.

I decided to test this some more, on the scalable area's in Sih Gates my wyvern was able to follow me both up and down the vine. I assume this is because you can drop off the ledges where the scalable areas are without needing the Key Item to climb it. The scalable area's in Marijami Ravine you can not drop off at all and need to climb down with the climbing Key Item.

This may be the cause of the bug/glitch, the way we are able to interact with the scalable area's in the different zones.