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Thread: Climbing

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    I acquired the climbing skill and the gloves KI from the quest in Marjami Ravine and proceeded to climb down one of the vines. My wyvern did not follow me down and I did not notice this before attacking something and died because of it.

    I can only assume he decided to run all the way around which would end up taking a couple minutes for him to reach me.

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    Hello Helldemon,

    We appreciate your taking the time to report this to us and we understand your concern for your Wyvern not following you down the vine. However, there is still some details that we need to collect from you before we are able to investigate this properly. If you could please provide the following information, we will make sure that your report is looked into so we can try to resolve it. Can you please tell us the exact location of the vine that you had gone to? Were you able to see where your Wyvern had gone to? Or was it not moving from the spot you left it? Once you respond with the information we will be able to submit this so we can try and have this issue resolved for you. Thank you again and have an excellent day!