The purpose of this forum is to collect reports on issues that users have experienced in the game. To make FINAL FANTASY XI a better game, we would like to ask for your cooperation.

Development and operation teams will regularly monitor this forum and will give feedback on reported issues after they confirm the details. The thread will be locked once feedback has been made on the reported issue. In case there is insufficient detail included in the report, we may make a response asking for more details to be added.

Please carefully read and adhere to the following rules and FINAL FANTASY XI Forum Guidelines before posting.

  • Rules on In-Game Bugs:
    • Please ensure that you use the template when making a bug report.
    • To reduce the number of duplicate reports, we ask that you use the search function and avoid creating a new thread if the same bug has already been reported. If you wish to contribute further information, please post a reply to the existing thread.
    • Please ensure that the thread name outlines the content of the bug in an easy to read manner.
    • Please be sure to include all of the necessary information when making a bug report. (Date and time, location, name of NPC, action you have used, name of item you have used, steps on how it occurred, etc.)
    • Use proper English and avoid using slang, abbreviations or improper terms. If the staff cannot understand what you have reported, the issue cannot be addressed.
    • In case you find a critical bug, which could harm the game balance, please report it directly through an in-game GM call instead. Avoid personally investigating the bug by purposely repeating it.
    • If you wish to report a bug that you have encountered within the forum, you can do so by creating a post on the sub-forum ”Website Bugs”.
    • The following posts are considered to be improper and will be subject to deletion.
      • Posts suggesting to take advantage of the game bug
      • Posts that have nothing to do with the reported bug
      • Re-posting a thread from another forum
      • Posts requesting for the progress or status on the investigation of a reported issue
    • In case you wish to report multiple issues, please report them individually.
    * Taking advantage of a game bug is a violation of the user agreement and is subject to sanctions.

  • Flow for reported bugs
    1. The development and operations teams will monitor the content reported in the In-Game Bugs forum.
      * As mentioned previously, the QA team will be focused on checking in-game content, so it may take over a week until a report is looked at. Rest assured that we will be making sure to check each report that is submitted.

    2. Reports that do not follow the template will be moved to the Insufficient Information category.
      * If you wish to re-submit a report that has been moved to this category, please use the template and include all of the required information before posting it in the In-Game Bugs category.

    3. If a reported bug has been resolved by the person who reported it, or by another tester, it will be moved to Resolved Issues. If a duplicate report has been confirmed, it will be moved to Duplicate Bugs.

    4. If the teams need extra information on a reported bug, it will be requested through the thread in the In-Game Bugs forum. Please provide further information is it is available.

    5. Once reports with sufficient information have been checked, they will be moved to the Accepted forum.

    6. Bug reports moved to Accepted will be investigated and confirmed.
      * Depending on the issue, there may be cases where confirming specific issues may take time.

    7. As a result of investigating and testing, reports determined to be bugs will be moved to the Confirmed/Planning to Address and those determined to be a normal feature of the game will be moved to the Working as Intended forum.

    8. Once reports in the Confirmed/Planning to Address forum have been fixed, they will be moved to the Fixed forum.