*Removed FFXI entirely, did a fresh install of everything, including the expansions.

*Updated the entire game by launching the main FFXI game, works perfectly.

*Downloaded the following files for NA version.

*Extracted A11203W_001 into a filder named moogle_0, launched and installed to the following folder.
C:\Program Files (x86)\PlayOnline

*Unzipped the contents of FFXITC, 2 and 3 to moogle_1 folder.

*Copied the contents of FFXI folder inside moogle_1 folder into
C:\Program Files (x86)\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI Test Client

*Ran the game through test server shortcut on desktop

*Shortcut shows up as a red box that reads "Array error"

*Used Final Fantasy XI link inside the box

*Launched test server and performed full update

*After update, clicking "Play on tst server" causes game to enter full screen mode and thenc rash.

*Changing to windowed mode and entering test server causes a crash

*Ran a check files scan on FFXI test server, found 1800 bad files, ran repair, all it did was check the files and claim it was resolved. Ran Test server again, crashed.

*Check files again, found 1800 bad files, checked files, this time downloaded 1800 files. Installed new files, ran test server and crashed.

*Check files again, found 1280 bad files, performed repair, all it did was check files and claim it was repaired, ran file check again, found 1280 bad files, ran repair, process checked files, downloaded 1280 files, after install test server again crashes POL.

*Administrative privileges set.

*Windows 7 Ultimate 64

*Fully updated OS

*FFXI runs fine on normal mode

*Reinstalling has identical problems.

*Exactly same thing happens on second PC.

Anyone have any solutions?