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    Increase song effect duration on Carnwenhan.

    .. Or make it better somehow, please.

    All songs +X?
    A significant amount of -Song casting time or FC?
    A unique, useful, song?

    I'd throw out the possibility of Carnwenhan making songs Alliance wide, but I doubt the devs would ever go for that. I know I've talked about it with others, and I gotta admit it's a pretty amazing idea. A good majority of other online games have made their buffs alliance(or raid) wide, and this would be a huge, huge decrease in endgame brds' workloads, and allow us to actually function well as a support job.

    I'll admit, +60 seconds is a nice boost, but for the amount of time/effort required, and the amount of work required for an endgame brd, it's pretty pathetically laughable.

    At the very least, songs should last the duration of N/T with a Carnwenhan, without having to use Marduk legs to gimp our songs.

    I started playing in 2004, I was active in old HNM/sky days. I spent over a year doing legion 2x~ times a week. My linkshell is now currently focused on Adoulin content, we're 2/3 on Fracture bosses. I play brd pretty seriously. I have a 99 Daurdabla, as well as a 99 Gjallarhorn. Heck, I even have a 99 Mandau. I've just started working on Carnwenhan, at about 7k alex in with the gil sitting by to finish up alex easily.

    In most endgame content, I need to keep up at least fifteen songs active at any given time, as most endgame content requires bard swapping. That doesn't include ballads on myself, which I usually need to cast, so I guess you can up that count to eighteen. If, for whatever reason, I'm the only bard in the alliance, that song count goes up to 21 with two whms to ballad. (4x songs on DD party 1, 4x songs on dd party two, 3x ballad on whm[twice, potentially], then 2x march/2x ballad on the mage/geo party for stuns).

    I like brd, and had no illusions about what was required of me when I decided to pursue 99 Daurdabla. However, at the end of events, I'm left feeling very frazzled and frustrated. Increasing the song effect duration on Carnwenhan would do a lot to make my life easier, and playing brd a lot more fun.

    Let's take a look:
    1. 100 assaults (Which, at the bare minimum if you start with 4 tags and do an assault per day, would be 96 days).
    2. 30,000 Alex (approx 300m in the current economy- ironically enough this is the easy part for the majority of players).
    3. 100,000 Therion Ichor - approx 30 (number might not be exact, cant recall exactly how much a T3 gives) days of doing Ein every day (although to be fair, putting a 24 hour cd on ein was a good step in general for Mythics).
    4. 150,000 Nyzul Isle tokens (Time required to complete this can vary greatly depending how well you do).
    5. Don't even get me started on ToAU kings, personally my longest camp was 8 days, and I got off easily. There's been reports of some taking 25+ days to pop.
    6. 1 pop for each: Sarameya, Tinnin, and Tyger. Increasing the amount of points a picture gives was, again, a good step in general for mythics, but it's still a decent timesink.
    7. Odin, old Salvage bosses, etc: Few days work at the most, not nearly a big a deal (and honestly, these things are jokingly easy at 99) as they were at 75, but it's still stuff tacked to the list.

    All of that, and your reward is a measly 24 second increase. Now, on to the trials:
    1. 200 Amorphs, 200 Birds, 300 Beasts, 300 Amorphs, 400 Lizards, for a totally of 1400 mobs that need to be killed specifically with Mordant Rime.
    2. 3X Tinnin: A decent timesink with lots of picture taking and running around.
    3. 3X Long-Bowed Chariot: Not really difficult, but puts a 2~3 day block on the completion of your mythic.
    4. 3X Mulcibar's Scoria: on the plus side, the 3 Tinnins you had to kill for the trial can be used as partial PW pops. On the downside, you have to farm up another 4 T4 pops to make a full 3 PW popsets. If you're lucky, you might be able to buy someone's PW key for cheap, avoiding this step. However, I can't even remember the last time I saw a scoria in a bazaar, and it was priced at 20M, so chances are this is something you're gonna have to farm up yourself.

    Please note, I'm not complaining about the amount of work a mythic takes. I think anyone seriously going into one will know what to expect. My beef is that, for a Carnwenhan specifically, the reward is a little unfitting for the amount of time/effort required.

    As a comparison, 99 Gjallarhorn increases song duration by 48 seconds, and gives all songs +4, which a HUGE buff, especially to ballads. If you have all the currency required, at the very minimum requires 15~16 days to complete to 95, assuming you do dyna trials every day (but not including however you acquire Marrows). The price for this is no more than 160M if you buy all your marrows, and probably about 100M if you have an ADL group.

    A 99 Daurdabla increases song effect duration by 36 seconds, and gives two extra songs. This is the biggest buff that brd has ever gotten in game, hands down. The only limitations on this is how long it takes you to get plates, souls, and horns, and then plates and cinders. Even with the terrible state voidwatch is in, making a 99 Daurdabla (yay for no nm trials) is nothing compared to making a mythic. I honestly have no clue what the current prices are, but mine cost about 210M(90~100k per plate, plus 1~1.5 per riftcinder) to complete, plus an extra maybe 15M I used to buy souls.
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