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    Findings, Discoveries and thoughts on GEO

    I got quite into GEO and was playing in Abyssea areas to get a good feeling of what GEOs so far are capable of and or possibilities of survival in solo and fun in general. Geomancer is a mage design for mid range ground. Casting -ra spells and single target nukes in between the enhancing of the party.

    Geomancer and club is the same deal as PLD and Swords, as we used to call it "Show but no blow"... Geomancer is more useful with staff, ranging from staff debuffs like defense down and magic defense down to Heavy AoE elemental WS (only downside is that SE didn't give GEO the trait "Occult Acumen" or a form to gain TP besides the poor accuracy and no TP+ build available so far).

    It lacks some skills that are about to change but at this moment for having Dark Magic Skills it misses the Dark Knight Magic List that could be put to better use as debuffing enemies while DRKs are never interested in using since it slows down their DPS.

    But as for solo, I think they designed it to be a "B" and meant to use a club but Staff is a lot better, but it would improve if GEOs could get some better enhancing/enfeebling capabilities. Otherwise it feels like a naked mage with a hope it could melee.

    I do have to point something really cool about GEO is that it's the only mage job with 30% magic crit chance job trait. So kudos to the developers. And for it's huge Conserve MP trait, the elemental celerity trait could improve. Again this is all before the coming update which many things are changing in the magic world.

    Geomancer is really a nice mage job focused on light nuking augmenting battles with Buffs, Debuffs and Enhancements from using Indicolure and Geocolure. Their "glamour" comes in form of their luopans and auras, their buffs are quite impressive the downfall is that they don't stack with other GEO influence. Once Geomancers are able to cast multiple luopans people will see a lot more use for Geomancers than they have so far.

    Well I tried GEO/RDM GEO/DRK GEO/BLM GEO/WHM GEO/BRD GEO/DNC, staff was a lot more damage and fun. GEO/RDM the most useful, GEO/DRK was very fun and different (Also with staff, Souleater + Shattersoul can havoc some good melee mage Style along with Absorb-INT, TP, MND. Felt like I was draining the life out of the poor things... putting all sorts of debuff on it, making it weaker and weaker against magic. I've mentioned on other posts that a few new spells would make Geomancer a lot more fun such as Warp/Teleport type spells including but not limiting: Indi-Repatriation Geo-Repatriation, Indi-Adoulin Warp or even the ability to summon your own Geomantic apparatus that party/alliance can access to travel around.

    Delve is ok with GEO, only problem is MP and casting time. Spend most of the time casting and "Full Circle" and sometimes casting 1 or 2 nukes.

    Please allow us different ways to obtain Indi-Spells!!! (Cheaper, not all of us are Lv100+ Goldsmithers).

    Here's a question that if anyone could help me understand or like to test it and find out, I used Geo-Torpor on the Raptor inside Delve and it didn't go Berserk sky rocketing it's evasion. Thoughts?

    I would like to know also what other people have learned playing around as Geomancer.

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    Leatherman, to answer your question about the Raptor NM....

    Any magic based damage is what causes the Raptor NM to go nuts. This includes nukes, all DoT spells, skillchains, and magic based weapon skills. Geo-Torpor is an Evasion Down debuff. The key is IT DOES NOT CAUSE ANY MAGIC DAMAGE. That's why GEO is able to use debuff spells on the Raptor NM.

    By the way, I also tested GEO debuffs on Tax'et in Ceizak Battlegrounds (the T5 NM) and GEO debuffs WILL NOT cause Tax'et to use Exuviation. So having Geo-Torpor or Geo-Frailty up on Tax'et really helps that fight go a bit faster and there's no risk of Tax'et healing itself for massive amounts of HP.
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