I am looking for help for my linkshell; We are all returning players, and most of us are playing while Waiting for XIV to come back. Unfortunately, I am the only person in the LS with anything 99, and while I have many jobs leveled, I am only one person. Many of them are interested in Abyssea content, but our main problem lies with Atmas. I have all of the important ones, and can solo a lot of things, however I would like to be able to get them the important ones, MM, VV, RR, GH etc. I do not think I can do it solo and proc red. I am not asking for a handout, I can farm most of the KIs, or am willing to put in the time to help farm KIs. I have cruor to brew if need be.

Is anyone out there willing to help us out so we can get on our feet? If you are willing, you can reply here or send me a tell in game, I'm Cailae.

Thank you in advance ^^.