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    The Red Has Risen!

    My Name is Michael. I'm a 25 year gamer, I Work, have friends, and generally tend to keep on the busy side of things. As such, I find myself constantly lacking a consistant group people to play with. So, I decided to start my own LS.

    The point of this LS is to help players see as much of the games content as possible.

    Lets Face it? A good deal of players only really the leveling and grinding aspects, but many want to see the storylines! So why not?

    My In-Game Name is Aiyoku, I'm on a good deal these days, if not feel free to Email me or IM Me, either one is fine!

    ALL Players are welcome, whether your a hardcore vet, or a casual player, I want a fun loving group of players!

    Aim: Kid3k789

    Hope to hear from you! May Red Live On!
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