Yeah add MAB on to your UB calcs and stop trolling me. 100+ MAB isn't hard to accumulate so double that damage at very least.

Also add in that it scales with TP, unlike WF or Sang or most current WSs for that matter.

I get that you're attached to your Almace, but your Almace does nothing to make RDM any good. What possible world could a RDM with only 80 inventory spaces possibly be well equipped for a WS that was clearly not made for it?

@ Demon: Occult Accumen. I've said it like 20 times. Fixes our TP problem so long as we get more than level 2 of it. Easy Fix.

Better TP phase damage is a combination of nukes and better enspells.

But hey keep asking for light DD gear instead of making your job it's own entity. Just find what other jobs you like and just copy them.