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    resurrected account from 5 years ago. lf linkshell

    used to play alot back in the day, 2009ish. just got back into ffxi because i had read there were like 6 new addons/expansions, level cap raised to 99. have been back about a week and it seems cool, but no one from my old LS is around anymore heh.

    currently working on beastmaster @80, but have summoner 75(which actually made me quit, camping yingyang robe for 3 months and still unable to get it) , or i could possibly get some gear together for bard 75 if absolutely necessary(bard got old fast, maybe from pulling chain 100's on puks lol). cooking skill currently @ 94.5 and fishing @ 55

    anyhow, if any LS looking for a returning player, please hit me up in game, i'm on fairly frequently. would really like a LS with some voice comms, but not really that important. would like more community and helping each other out.

    /playtime @ 425 days (no AFK bazaar)
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