Me and a couple of my friend recently got back online. We're way low level - basically just starting out. We're pretty savvy players, though and aren't usually clueless as to how this game works as we've mostly played it for short bursts over the past decade before getting distracted. We're going to try for the long haul this time around, though.

Finding a group of active xbox360 players who have voice chat would be awesome, but we are friendly to most everybody once you get to know us, even those elitist PC players. I'm fairly efficient with my chat pad and I'll be usb-cabling a keyboard once my extension cable arrives in the mail.

Currently leveling white mage/red mage.. most likely going to do Beastmaster or Bard... depending on party dynamics. I was originally going to rock the Dark Knight, but my Tarutaru has been reassigned support duties for the forseable future.

My friends have a redmage mix and a paladin/warrior currently, future focus to be determined.

This forum is rather dead it seams, but if anyone is out there and interrested in grouping at some point down the road my Xbox gamertag is TwystedSpyder and/or my character in game is Fodder.