As of May 13, 2013, players using the Square Enix Software Token (Software Token) will also receive the Mog Satchel.

Registering a Software Token to your Square Enix account will allow both existing and newly created characters on that account to receive the Mog Satchel. Players who already have a Software Token registered will receive the Mog Satchel immediately.

However, please note that an account will not be eligible to receive the Mog Satchel if a Software Token was initially registered to it but is currently removed. In such a case, please register another Software Token to receive the Mog Satchel. In addition, characters who have already received the Mog Satchel on a Square Enix account that has a Square Enix Security Token (Security Token) registered to it will be able to continue using the item even after the Software Token is removed.

*The specs for the Mog Satchel are the same for the Security Token and Software Token. Removing the Security Token and registering a Software Token in its place will not enable the use of multiple Mog Satchels and the number of storable items will not increase either.