I got this idea while reading another thread about how hard it is to get help on ffxi. Since less people are playing ffxi, there are less people left that are willing to help. I've gotten lots of help from my LS, and other players outside of my LS. I've helped other players too, though I feel myself getting agitated when getting requests from totally new players that haven't even heard of or used ffxiclopedia or anything of the like.

But I've been there too... I threw away beastman seals like every other newbie ><. I never thought I'd get my first level 75 job until I was challenged by another player, and then grinded my way to the top. Nor did I believe I would ever kick Maat's ass at the first try on my RDM.

Though the happiest I ever felt was when I met my now best mate in ffxi. Always quick to help and we even tried to have a promy static when it still was hard ><;

So I propose to all of you... hmmm. I'm on Ramuh server, soon to be Bahamut. Anyone that wish to help newcomers, contact me (Hajieelkhe) and you can all get a pearl. And to all of you newbies as well, you're always welcome to join us.

There will be no pressure, if you want to help, come help. If you need help, just ask. Though if you don't even know what you're talking about, we will ask you to do research. (Though there will be exceptions ^^)

\^.^/ Haji

Now, if only the servers would go online