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    Takitaro adjustment?

    Platform: Windows 7
    ISP: Century Link
    Type of Internet Connection: DSL
    Internet Connection Speed: D/L 6.08 Mbps, U/L 0.35 Mbps
    Date & Time: 8 May 2013, all day
    Frequency: all the time
    Character Name: Protey
    World: Leviathan
    Area and Coordinates: Davoi, J-11
    NPC Name: N/A

    Was trying to fish Takitaro with an Ebisu Rod, Fly Lure, and 111 total fishing skill. I am only given 36 seconds to catch it (shouldn't I have more time than this?) and also the rod was moving very erratically making me timeout every time, as if the fish was level 140 when most websites say it is only level 100 - 101. Needless to say, the fish should be easy to catch with my setup unless the level has been adjusted. Also, the time from when it says "you don't know how much longer you can keep this one on the line" to "you lost your catch" is only 5 to 6 seconds instead of the usual 7.
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    Thank you for providing us with these details regarding the potential issue of the Takitaro seems to be acting abnormally.

    As you have provided us with significant details, we will be forwarding them to our Development Team to review. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that a direct response will be posted on this thread, but I do recommend consulting or for any details about the development team's investigation.

    Once more, I thank you for your time, Protey, and I hope you have a great day!

    ~GM Baudle